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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Teen discovered locked up in doctor-couple's house with bruises

New Delhi:  A doctor-couple in Delhi's Dwarka area allegedly abused their 13-year-old domestic help, who was rescued by the police on Thursday evening. The couple, who run a clinic in Dwarka, allegedly locked the girl into their home without much food before departing for a six-day trip to Bangkok along with their daughter.
The girl finally mustered the courage on Thursday evening and cried out for help from the balcony. Neighbours called the police, who got a fire engine to bring her down. They allegedly found her bruised.
This was not an isolated incident. The girl says she was often locked up the same way. "There was some food for the first three days ... but after that I could not eat anything. They would often lock me like this and go away," she said.
The girl was brought from an employment agency in Jharkhand but claims she never got paid. She also alleged that the couple beat her up regularly.
"Yes there are CCTV cameras in the house. They would come back and see the footage. If I made any mistake in our work or eat something they used to hit me ... he used to put a pen between my fingers and hit me ...even cut my hair," she said.
The doctor couple is still reportedly in Bangkok on a holiday.
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